About Me

Hi I’m Jasmine 🙂

I am a year 10 student attending All Saints’ College in Bull Creek, in Western Australia.

I am a hard-working, dedicated student with a strong passion for sport and visual arts. I am currently swimming at national level for the All Saints’ Swimming Club and have recently competed in the Georgina Hope Foundation Australian Age Swimming Championships in Adelaide. My interests outside of school include socializing and putting my world-class online shopping skills to good use.

My ambitions for the future are to work in either the design or healthcare industry. I will be taking 5 ATAR courses in year 11 and 12 and wish to continue into university. Potential career pathways that interest me include design or psychology. I love working with people face-to-face and would like to specialize in an area of psychology such as mental health or addiction studies. But at the moment I am looking into getting more work experience to in order to broaden my options and become more open minded instead of sticking to one career pathway. The field of design also interests me in terms of fashion or just art in general, because of the freedom in the way you work and the flexibility that you get to enjoy. But then again, I am still quite unsure of what I want to do and can’t wait to see what my future has to offer

Personally, I was born in South Africa and have a Thai mother and German father. Since I was 2 months old I have been travelling all over the world after my Dad’s engineering career. I settled in Australia by the time I was 6, and moved to Perth in 2011. I have been to Swan Valley Anglican Community School and Applecross Senior High School and have started my journey at All Saints’ this year and have decided that in the terms of my academic interests, this is by far the best school yet.