Visual Arts: Term 1 & 2

Year 9 & 10 Visual Arts — Drawing & Experimental Painting 
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• Did you meet targets throughout the project? 
What skills did you acquire? How did you develop your design/s? 
Problem Solving: 
What worked? What didn't? How did you resolve issues with materials? 
Success Of your final work 
Final imaqes of artwork's: 
Can include work in progress shots (WIP) as well


There were a lot of targets presented to us throughout the project, ranging from completing our visual diaries and work by certain dates in efficient ways, to writing descriptive analyses on the Renaissance period and it’s art by a certain deadline. I feel that I have been organized and effective in meeting these tasks, and I enjoyed the feeling of accomplishment that came with doing so.


Skill-wise, I feel like I’ve improved my artistic abilities from when I first started this class. This is the first time I’ve done a proper painting of any kind, so it was definitely a upgrade from what I knew before this. I’ve learned that I need to keep my brushes clean, and my paints air tight or else the painting won’t come out as neat and visually appealing. I’ve also been taught the ability of making the paint itself from coloured powered and egg, the way Renaissance Artists originally made it. While the paint itself was kind of smelly, and could become suspicious in texture after certain periods of time, it was still an efficient painting medium and a fun experience over all.

Problem Solving:

We found that a common problem with working with egg based paints, was that if not sealed air tight they tended to mould and go off. This happened to the whole class midway the painting process when the fridge where the paints were stored was accidentally turned off. As a result they smelled awful, and were completely unusable. We solved this problem fairly easily however, as we had written down the recipes for the paints and could remake them. And since we had had practice, they were even better then before.


I feel like for a beginner my painting isn’t half bad. While still a work in progress, I do like the colours I’ve chosen and I think visually it is very eye-catching. With all the bright reds and oranges it’s hard to miss! Although, I think I could work on my brush technique, as it isn’t as neat as I would like it and it’s fairly visible where I haven’t painted in the same direction due to the watery base of the paint. Overall, I’m pretty impressed with my progress!

Final images of artwork/WIP:

(Colour idea: As you can see from my WIP, I reconsidered some of the colours. I changed the blue stalk of the plant to orange because I felt it was too stark of a colour compared to the colours surrounding it, and while it’s nice to have a pop, I didn’t want an overload.)

Playmaking Project: Leadership and Teamwork

In 2018, I was given the amazing opportunity to be apart of a radio performance based off of the lives of Amana Living residents. Throughout this project we had to display constant leadership and team working abilities to really make our efforts be shown on the day, teamwork was especially shown when we took an excursion to Amana Living to conduct interviews with the residents about their lives, during this we had to rely on each other to get the correct information, before then spending time with them reading and doing other activities over morning tea. The information we collected from the interviews was then implemented into our development process which we worked on as a team to create a script and block out the acting in the scenes, giving constructive criticism to each other so we could improve. Everyone shared their thoughts and ideas so we all had a piece of the performance we could really call our own, which made particular scenes feel special to everyone there. For example the character I played was a girl during the war time, who would slip her address into the pockets of the soldiers she was preparing clothes for. I played this scene with my friend as my supporting actor, so we both worked hard and had a lot of fun in between, which is why I remember that scene more vividly and fondly then my other ones and as a team we were pretty impressive. Leadership was then used when I would take charge on a certain scene and suggest things we could improve or remove, I was also a main character in some skits and therefore had to take charge so the scene could move along, and making sure I remembered all my lines and improvised whenever lines were forgotten was also incredibly important during this process. All together, I genuinely enjoyed the experience and would jump to do other performances of a similar types, as it was constructive and something I learned from.

Amana Living Book project

This term in innovatED, we started a project to help the the residents of Amana have a better way of accessing books. We talked about possible ideas we could use, eventually we settled on the idea of creating a book club, for people who have poor sight we could use audiobooks which are provided by the students of ASC. We then worked together to create a Power Point showing our ideas and showing how they could work with research, and pitched them to some people from Amana. The project will be continued in the ongoing term, I found this as a very fulfilling way to spend my time, it helped me work on my communication and leadership skills as I worked with my group and figured out who would have to complete what job. This was an enjoyable experience and I look forward to ones similar in the future.

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