For my statistics project for Mathematics in Term 1, Jing Quan and I decided to study how physical activity affects mental wellbeing.

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There were many limitations on the research. These included:

  • Bias (people might have answered the survey thinking that their results would have been non-anonymous)
  • The questions asked how many times a week, not how many hours a week. This could have increased the accuracy of the research because it would have measured the amount of time, not the number of times it was done
  • We had time constraints, so we could not go more in-depth for the research and compare mental health to more things

Some ideas for future research could be comparing mental health to much more of a variety of things, including more physical activity statistics.

Overall, this project had interesting results, but I didn’t really enjoy the process, as it was mainly just following a template, a bit like a ‘fill in the blank’.

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