When you want something, or need something, you have to work for it. You can not expect to walk outside one day, and you have everything you would ever need. The biggest thing that has happened in my school life so far, is moving to All Saints’. This college has given me many opportunities that have shown me skills that I never knew I had before. I have become confident, resilient, creative, and a good problem solver

Habits and hobbies

Over the years, I have tried many things. That is what I love. It is not the activity I look forward to, its learning and trying new things. Having a few things that are different to the rest of the crowd is what I try to have. I love normal things, like basketball, videogames and reading, but I like some things that other people may not, like sailing, chess, and algebra. Although I love these things, I do not let them distract me from the important things, like school (I still focus on algebra in school sometimes). I think that putting first things first is the most important habit to form. If you don’t focus on what’s in front of you, you would do a terrible job at it. Education can teach you, but you must teach yourself your habits first.

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