• Chicken Project
    All Saints’ College recently bought some chicken. Students were selected to care for the chickens. In term 2, we started the project to care for the chickens during innovat-ed. I was assigned to a group and our job was to create a sustainable bedding for the chickens. In my group was Brooke, Rohail and Paul.… Continue Reading Home
  • Fixed + Growth Mindsets
    Fixed Mindset In year 3 I tried to learn how to play the piano, but I gave up because my fingers would hurt every time, I played it. I knew I could not do it because my fingers and I never understood how to play. I could never understand why people would waste their time… Continue Reading Home
  • Utopia Project
    In the duration of Project Utopia, we were given the objective to create a perfect world. The project extended across term 2 and 3 with many tasks including all of the prime subjects. During term two we planned and researched, whilst in term there we built and extended our knowledge using the UN Global Goals.… Continue Reading Home