RAAFA service project

Josh, Liam and I were working together as a group to work on a project for the aged care community of RAAFA, we worked together to solve an issue of aged residents not being able to access food from the providing cafes. so we have to solve this issue by coming up with a way to get food to the residents without them having to leave their house.

We went through many ideas and thoughts on how we could solve this, but we came to a solution. We came up with the idea of buying a buggy that not only can carry residents around but also carry food around like a food transportation system. We also used cool bags to carry any cold food and different food warmer for hot foods. We came up with an idea of using biodegradable bamboo food containers. We then put these in the food carriers to carry the actual food, we figured out that we could fit 23 of these in just one food warmer. so this was a very officiant way to solve this issue and our budget was 50,000 dollars and we only used 25,000 dollars, so we had a lot of money left over to use for other investments!

overall this was a very successful solution and the RAAFA representative was very impressed with our ideas and she said that she would take it back to the boss for further instalment to see if it could become a reality.

The website to RAAFA can be found below.