English Story and original front cover art

The task was to create the beginning of a short story but in a certain genre. We were not required to add a  front cover but I thought it would be nice for the story and to improve my digital art skills (this drawing took approximately 3h 45min). The story I wrote was a…

Crime – The young head of an illegal Gang, Kyoto, Meets to Trade with another gang leader renowned for being dangerous and psychotic, his gang is the biggest and most well-known gangs among all of Tokyo. Kyoto believes he slipped through Jason’s fingers but little does he know that he’s about to get screwed over, By none other than the man that killed his father.

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Kyoto was veering through the strobe lights and sea of people, with Rocco close by; Both searching diligently for Jason. Rocco nudged Kyoto and nodded toward the back corner where one of the boss’s men was eying them off; an uncomfortable stare that set them on edge. He nodded slightly, nearly disappearing into the crowd of people. Kyoto tailed him until they were met by a VIP door at the back area of the club, the door clicked open and they were permitted entry.

Seated across from Jason, both Kyoto and Rocco were silent.
“My name is Jason and you ar…” the big boss was cut off by Kyoto’s impatient tongue
“Kyoto…Kyoto Kirishima”.
“Well Kyoto, I hope it wasn’t too much trouble getting here, anyway do you have it?”
Kyoto grinned and replied, “Yeah of course I do, but do you?” he asked in an accusatory tone crossing his leg over the other.
“tch… yes of course. How unprofessional do you think I am?” Jason snapped back in an annoyed, defensive tone.
“Shall we get over with it then? I’ve got better things to do with my time,” Kyoto said with an assertive tone accompanied by a devilish grin. Rocco leaned in close to Kyoto’s ear, “Boss don’t aggravate him, he’s dangerous.”
“I know…” it was as though a dark shadow had appeared over his face,

“Exactly why I need to show him I’m not as weak as my father was,” he said almost hissing. Rocco thought to himself. Although Kyoto is only 19, he knows how to manipulate and control people….just like his father did. Most are naive and think he knew nothing after his father was murdered by the group of the same man that sits before us, Kyoto became the young head of the Kuroi Tusk clan receiving a heavy burden. Although Kyoto doesn’t know who killed his father, he figured out it was someone from this group that did it. He caught on before anyone else did.

“Well, Boys! why don’t we have a drink then,” the big boss announced with a threatening grin.
A churning sensation in his stomach became present. “No thanks, we’ve finished the deal so we’ll be leaving now”.
“Why you leaving so soon?. Have you got something to hide?” His smile seemed to say, ‘Go on! I bet you won’t.’
“No. We’ll be leaving now,” Kyoto replies both with a composed and assertive tone mid-way out the door. “Pleasure doing business with you, Kyoto Kirishima.” His sly tone sent unpleasant waves towards Kyoto, with him only responding with a simple nod. The door shut as the sound of the club music faded with the closed door. With bitterness in his tone, he ordered, “Kill him.”



Innovate Ed – “Just a Girl”

“Just A Girl”

This is a book that Holly.C (Writer) & myself (Illustrator) are working on in Innovate Ed the story is about empowering young females and girls to be more confident in they’re body and to be more independent. Unlike the Disney story’s where the guy always saves the girl, we are trying to reverse that image to show the young women that we cand be independent and strong. This is a base sketch for the front cover.