JS carnival

Teamwork, the ability to work with a group of people and work efficiently, forced and strategically. The junior School Athletics carnival, a role that encounters responsibility, and a chance to be a leader while maintaining a sense of team ethic. The amount of pressure a single person can encounter while dealing with kids ages 7-12, can lead to the whole system crumbling, however, the ability to work in a team can reduce that level of stress and commitment. While working as a team you make bonds, you have a safety net if something goes wrong you have backups to help you, unlike working as an independent person.

 This way working as a team, you can manage workload and construct and a safe working environment. Even though there are a lot of different skills I could have written about, I feel like Teamwork would have been more related and relevant to the topic, as there were heaps of different individuals who had to work together. While working with kids you also must be welcoming, caring, and positive. By all of us working as a team, the communication and work ethic was to a high standard, meaning that the day could run smoothly while having fun.

The junior school carnival has taught me a lot of new skills let alone being able to work efficiently while being organized and less independent. The ability to communicate have empathy and show some sort of leadership at the same time is something that comes with time and patience. This experience is an eye-opener, it’s something that I would suggest to anyone who wants to learn more about working with others.

Bath bombs


As part of our Year 10 HASS course, we are able to research a project of our own choice and to create a final product to showcase at our final exhibition in Term 4. The topic that we have chosen to research is bath bombs and how we can be environmentally friendly, vegan, and cruelty-free. Currently, we have found our main inquiry question and completed our annotated bibliography research. We have also been doing a lot of research in terms of different types of packaging and styles of bath bombs. Our aim was to be environmentally friendly, and because bath bombs are able to dissolve in water, this was the perfect product to create. Due to society’s demands and standards, environmentally friendly products have been popular, which is why we have ultimately decided to create environmentally friendly bath bombs, which enables us to directly aim these products to our target audience. We have also looked at what a business plan is, which includes costs and other components needed. By the end of Term 3 Week 10, we should have our research, annotated bibliography, and our business plan completed. At the start of Term 4, we have decided to start the creation process and trialing different types of bath bombs.  

The step we have done/completed are:

  1. We got our booklets and decided what we wanted to do with our economic card, while keeping it fun and acceptable.
  2. We wrote up our first page and completed our essential question, research on eco friendly bath bombs
  3. The skill and capabilities that we are going to encounter, while making our company sustainable.
  4. Started on the references while doing our research and looking at companies such as lush, and companies that suggested what ingredients to use and what packaging is eco, vegan and cruelty friendly
  5. Wrote our business plan up, while researching what you need to do and understand about a business and what you need to do to start a business.
  6. We looked at recipes and more sources to have a better understanding on what we wanted to do
  7. We looked at lush reviews and their report card to see what they thrive in and what they don’t thrive in
  8. Looked at graphs to understand what are in the bath bombs themselves and what they need.
  9. Started our time table while still researching what we need (finished our source)
  10. Looked at what roles we wanted to do and what needed to be done
  11. Finishes our 4 reference
  12. Looked at what profit and start up we need to do
  13. Looked at the packaging and our brand all eco and vegan friendly
  14. We made a table to help us know what we have done and what needs to be done in a effective and sustainable way
  15. Looked at pros and cons about being eco friendly and vegan
  16. Seeing what prices we needed to know, and how to make a sustainable product
  17. Decided to sell tickets for more sales and for more people to be interested.
  18. We looked at ideas for bath bombs
  19. Done research in the demands on bath bombs
  20. Looked at the difference between gender and what they are interested in
  21. We looked at all the oils and what are good and bad for the skin
  22. We looked at recipes and certain creams
  23. Looked at the product cost and how we can make a profit


Being outdoors and having a blast with fellow peers and having a great time while knowing all the techniques and skills for canoeing and mountain biking is something that you gain as being a Douglas student. Being able to use ERIC in any public place, knowing how to be respectful, and using our own knowledge while being independent is something that is embraced during Douglas.

Douglas is nothing but positive and enjoyable!


On the 22 of May a group of prominently 57 kids went to RAAFA to try and solve a problem, THis problem including delivering food to the residents. The food they were getting wherein plastic containers and were all mixed together. My group came up with the idea to create a car with heaters and freezers at the back to keep the food fresh, it would also include biodegradable cups and plats. The food would also be in certain trays that would keep them in order and reduce them from moving around. The car would be powered by solar panels that would reduce the amount of power used. We also had a budget that was $50000 but we luckily kept in that price range. Some groups got the chance to p9itch to the people at RAAFA with their ideas to try and see if RAAFA would use their idea.