Drawing and Painting

Organisation: Throughout the project I feel like a was fairly organised as I was always on top of my work and the rare times I wasn’t I worked my way back and completed the task at hand. I also feel like I completed all of my work to a high standard and I am happy with the work I put in. At this current moment I am done with everything and I just need to finish painting.

Inquisitive: During this task I have managed to learn many new skills. Some of these skills include learning how to improve my drawing by doing training activities. I also learnt how to create egg tempura paint by separating the egg yolk from the egg white. Then by adding a little bit of water and coloured pigment. Though this took a while to get right I finally got the hang of it and now find it easy.

Problem solving: During the process of creating my art work many things didn’t go to plan like when the fridge that was holding our egg tempura was turned off and all of the egg tempura had to get thrown out and I had to go and make a brand new batch of egg tempura. Though I had many issues I managed to push through and find a solution to all of them.

Creative: This task has needed a lot of creativity which I have used. Though my painting is not done yet it will soon be done after a bit more painting.

Art (WIP):

Sustainability Project 2020

During maths at the end of the year Pacome and I made a sustainability project that aims to display the affect that biofuel could have on Australia in a positive way. During this project we learnt how much of a positive impact biofuel could make and why it isn’t more widely used. Some things we did well with this project is that we split up work that was needed for the presentation well. A few things we can improve on is perhaps to use our class time more effectively and not leaving it till the last minute. We also could have added more graphs and data to the presentation to make it more engaging. By Miles

Yr 9 OLP Leadership and Teamwork

This E-portfolio post will be based on my recent camp experience at Kalbarri this year and all the leadership and teamwork skills I used over the full week. Leadership and teamwork are two important skills that help you to become cohesive and efficient in group activities which makes them very useful over the course of life. The example of leadership and teamwork that I used during this camp experience was the time we went and abseiled down into the gorge then climbed back out. During our time on camp in Kalbarri, we went on an expedition abseiling into the gorge and then climbing out with my group and some leaders. As we arrived at the ledge where we to abseil off I was feeling incredibly nervous as this was the first-time abseiling for me and some of my group mates. My nervousness was elevated by my fear of heights, but I ended up pushing through though I was terrified as I laid back into my harness and took the first few steps down the cliff face. After I had completed the daunting task it was my turn to reassure the others abseiling down trying to keep them calm. After 10 minutes everyone had completed the task without any injuries or casualties due to the efficiency of our group. I was then faced with leading the group on a walk through the gorge to a beautiful place called placid pool. The walk was around 20 minutes of clambering over rocks and avoiding spider webs. When we arrived at the destination it was the group’s job to get lunch sorted. We started by taking all the food and equipment out of the hiking bags we had evenly distributed between us and preparing the wraps. On cleanup duty was James Kemble, Oliver McNamee and I. The cleanup was quick and easy as we set aside certain items to clean for each other and also so we could capitalize on the time we had there. To get back up to our campsite we needed to exit the gorge and we did this by harnessing ourselves to a rope and climbing out. To complete this we would need two be-layers which my friend Oliver McNamee and I volunteered to do. After the both of us climbed up we went to be-lay which is the task of pulling rope through a device to make sure there was no slack on the rope. This task was very quickly completed and we were soon able to go back to camp due to thanks to everyone chipping in by all choosing a separate job to be as efficient and safe as possible. The day going so smoothly was a result of everyone in our group giving help when needed and not being afraid to volunteer as there was not a time when there were no volunteers. This shows that leadership and teamwork are very important skills and how our group effectively used them to succeed during camp.