Hi, my name is Saya and I am 13, I was born in 2009 on the 11 of February. My time at All saints started in year five. My previous school was Fremantle primary which I attended from pre-primary. I was born in Australia and have lived here most of my life. My background/culture is that I am part German, Sri Lankan and Australian. When I was three I moved to London I lived there for around a year then later moved to America when I was four and five. When I moved to America I lived in California just outside of San Francisco. I am an only child and I have a cute cat called Chutney. I have had her since I was seven and we got her as a kitten. I am a person who loves to meet and socially interact with new people. I love to spend time with my friends.

Some hobbies/passions for me is that I have a huge passion for art. I love to paint, draw and just about anything creative, I love to do this because I find it very peaceful and relaxing and I like to express my emotions in this way. Another passion is that I love drama. I love to act on a stage and transform into different characters. My favourite sport is netball because I love team games and I love the concept of the game. I have been playing it since year three. I love to swim and go to the beach. Ever since I was little I have had a great passion for swimming. I also love music. I love to listen to it and I loved playing it. I used to play the cello and the piano.

” No one is you and that is your superpower