Shi Ying Liang

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“If you don’t share someone’s pain, you’ll never understand them”


  • Health: Binge Drinking Expo
    The binge drinking expo was a health project where we researched and learnt about different aspects of binge drinking and underage drinking and then got into group where we created ways to display our learning. Some people did trivia ‘beer’ pong or made board games. Our group, Anna, Muskan, Penelope, and I made a Jenga…Continue Reading Health: Binge Drinking Expo
  • InnovatED $20 Boss
    In InnovatED I chose to do $20 Boss. In $20 Boss, we form groups based on what products we want to make, and in the end we run a stall in a market in the school. In my group was our CEO Zaina, Monique, and I. Our products were beaded jewellery which were aimed for…Continue Reading InnovatED $20 Boss
  • HASS Letter to Ben Morton: Understaffed Aged Care Facilities
    This HASS assessment was part of our Civics and Citizenship topic. This letter is our demonstration of how us, as Australians, can express our thoughts through using our rights and freedom of being an active democratic citizen. For my topic, I chose the problem of understaffed aged care facilities. Aged care is something most families…Continue Reading HASS Letter to Ben Morton: Understaffed Aged Care Facilities
  • Sleek Geeks Eureka Competition
    Our Inspiration We got our inspiration from when we were brainstorming diseases, and alopecia came up. The second reason is coincidentally before that, the incident where Will Smith got offended for his wife who had alopecia had happened, so it was another factor of our decision. Our last reason was that we wanted something that…Continue Reading Sleek Geeks Eureka Competition
  • Role-models and Me
    My ‘House of Values’ Explaining 3 Out of 10 Values: Smartness/Knowledge: Knowledge in school and also outside of school is important to me because it means that I am gaining skills and information that would be vital in my future life/job or would contribute to me being able to have the choice of what job…Continue Reading Role-models and Me
  • 2021 Christmas Market
    Our Christmas Market project provides an opportunity to year 7s to create a small business in a group or pair and sell products that you make to the rest of the Senior and Junior School. This task includes the learning objectives of Humanities, English, and InnovatEd which helps with understanding the economic concepts of businesses…Continue Reading 2021 Christmas Market