UN’s Global Goals project

In 2015, world leaders agreed to 17 Global Goals (officially known as the Sustainable Development Goals or SDGs). It’s now five years on, and we have more work than ever to do. These goals have the power to create a better world by 2030, by ending poverty, fighting inequality and addressing the urgency of climate change. Guided by the goals, it is now up to all of us, governments, businesses, civil society and the general public to work together to build a better future for everyone. My team chose to focus on global goal 14, Life below water. Our way of doing this was far from conventional. MY team decided to partner with friends of bullcreek who kindly donated 250 trees for us to plant along the canning river. These trees are made to better the water quality by creating stabler bank foundations aswell as taking toxins out of the water. My team now worked to create a tree planting day that was a huge success. In all we planted over 250 trees in the span of only 2 hours.

The process of partnering with the friends of Bull Creek gave me many skills such as effective communication as well as time management. Working with an organisation had its pros and cons. Without the resources and experiences of the friends of bull creek our tree planting event would never have the huge success that it was. The things that I had to learn and overcome was definitely meeting deadlines and managing to communicate outside my ‘set time’ to do this project. As this project was based in my Global Goals elective I assumed that I would only have to work on it during class, however I soon realised that if I wanted to make this project to be successful I would have to work outside of class and put in more hours. The drive and need to work on it out of class taught me practical skills about having to time manage and prioritise. This experience was definitely a wake up call when it came to working hours. Although previously reluctant to work outside of the conventional working hours, I now will not hesitate to work outside of them to effectively finish my work to a high standard. My teamwork skills have also drastically improved as well as my mediating skills/dealing with conflict. Working in a group of people that I didn’t know was not easy at first but as we as a team grew together to complete this project we all learned the value of effective communication and division of work.

Kimberly Pharmacy Services work experience (Part 2)

Over the summer I was asked to work at Kimberly Pharmacy services again. I recieved posstitve feedback from the people i worked with including my boss Hannah Mann. She frequently made comments about how hard working I was. My work style is very ‘keep working until you get the job done’ which was very useful to this job. the job included:

  • Inventory
  • packaging
  • errands
  • Shelf stocking

When it came to Inventory it was really important that I listened to what the staff needed in terms of which pills needed to be at the ready for their use. This also related back to shelf stocking a lot as once I got the medicine I had to pop and package the medicine in these special containers for their use. In terms of packaging efficiency was key. we had essential medicines needing to be shipped our urgently so it was crucial that I worked smart and hard. Running around doing various errands was more for the contingency of my co workers and jobs that they were too busy to do I would pick them up and do it for them.

This job was very valuable when it came to learning about hard work, efficiency, 9-5’s and team work/ working as a unit.

precious plastics

At my school All Saints College we have decided to recycle the plastic milk bottles using a machine made by precious plastics that shreds, melts and reforms plastics into new material. LEO club decided to fund and promote the machine to the school and collect various plastics. The collection of the Plastics we put in the machine was no easy feat. It required a lot of posters, fundraising and public speaking. It honed my public speaking skills as well as my fundraising and thinking ahead skills. I learned lots of useful tools during this endeavour that have been really useful in a work environment. mainly collaboration and public speaking endeavours.

Personality Test (2021)

I recently did a personality test and got the following results.

found at 123test.com

The results mean different things when it comes to how I operate.

Openness to experience:

Since I scored a 39 which is middle in the graph (neutral) it means that I am more inclined to plan and think about the practicalities of a plan before i do them as opposed to just jumping in to a project and essentially winging it/planning as I go. I personally believe that this is relatively accurate. I am a conceptual problem solver and do like to get straight into things and experiment to find the best outcome however pre planning allows me to come up with the best/ most effective course of action.

conscientiousness (work ethic):

I scored very highly for conscientiously (91) which is the only leap out in my overall very neutral board. In this test high scorers are considered, disciplined, efficient, well organised, likes precise detail, strong sense of duty as opposed to Spontaneous, disorganised, prefers flexible plans, dislikes precise details. I feel like my score does reflect how I work. I tend to like everything orderly and well organised for maximum efficiently. however, I do tend to have flexibility in my working and plans as I know that things can go wrong and I plan for curveballs being thrown.


In terms of extraversion I was once again considered neutral. I feel like the main reason for this is that although I am a strong leader and very assertive I can also work effectively by myself and enjoy my own company. This feels like an accurate representation of me as I do like to collaborate and work with people as I feel it gives me a lot of different perspectives which I find valuable and important in my work process, however, I will take that information and collaboration and go off and work by myself.


As I am more neutral again slightly leaning towards Hard-headed, sceptical, competitive, proud, prefers competition over co-operation compared to tendency’s like Compassionate, eager to please and being good natured. this is a good balance for me to in a work environment as it allows me to get what need to be done in a compassionate manner.

Natural reactions:

I’m still neutral leaving more towards Not easily upset in stressful situations, relaxed, resilient, calm rather than worrying and having anxiety over projects. This is a really good balance for me personally as the anxiousness I have over projects is a healthy amount and promotes me to work better. I’m usually very calm when it comes to work because I stay on top of it and follow a plan.

overall I feel like my test is pretty accurate in reflecting my work style/methods. It shows that I am a well rounded fairly balanced person, Type A&B.

LEO conference

On the 18-21st of January 2021 I hosted/ran a LEO conference that got LEO’s from all of WA to take 3 days to listen to guest speakers and generate ideas to help with Children’s cancer, vision impaired, food shortage and many other real world problems. We also joined in on seminars that revolve around teamwork, services and project management. This conference was a great opportunity to network and meet new people who help further my ideas and give me new ones to work with. It was an incredible opportunity to receive constructive feedback and look at various projects I’m working on through other peoples eyes. The actual lead up/planning of the event was no easy task. I worked with 5 others to create a successful state wide event. This helped me hone my leadership skills as well as time management and communication. Although it was a difficult and strenuous project it came with great personal satisfaction and great praise from the members who went; so great in fact that we have funding to do another conference next year. I couldn’t have done it without the incredible team I was working with and I am so grateful for them all.

UN millennium kids conference

This passed school holidays I was selected to attend the UN conference hosted by Millennium kids. Together with over the 3-day conference a hand full of us go together to exchange ideas on how to great a brighter more eco-friendly world. This has been an experience of a lifetime and has allowed me to connect to people around the world and form strong connections. I have learned how to share my ideas and whilst also respecting others ideas and various other skills that allows me to work better in a team. I firmly believe that this experience has formed me into a better leader and a more considerate team member. The experienced help me hone my project management skills as well as my thought processes. this has since allowed to to take creative criticism better as well as learn valuable skills like asking for help, team work, project management and time management. The overall experience was really really valuable I learned  got lots of new techniques when it comes to project management which I have successfully implimented into my projects.

My promotion in LEO’s

I’ve been promoted to President of the AllSaints branch in the LEO’s. I have been promoted because of my dedication, perseverance and organisation. Upon enquiry, I have learned that the way that I approach situations and treat the people in LEO’s with respect. I fully believe that over the past 2 years that I have honed and developed my leadership skills. I believe that because I have risen through the ranks to become president that I can understand and empathise with my co-workers so we can get the appropriate work done in a calm and respectful way.

My business

My Bussiness is something I take great pride in creating. At the age of 11, I created a fully legitimised business selling lip balms that are now being sold in 3 shops around Perth. The reason why I started this is that I saw my neighbours be hives producing a plethora of beeswax yet they had no use for it. This business has taught me many skills in the way of connections, communication, leadership and teamwork as well as compromise. I fully believe that having this business has helped hone and develop my skills in a work environment.

My work at Kimberly Pharmacy Services

During the Year 2017, I worked at Kimberley Pharmacy Services. Some of my Jobs include popping the pills, reorganising the shelves, organising the boxes to be shipped and cleaning the shelves. I worked diligently with limited breaks and long hours but learnt that hard work pays off. I made friendships and bonds in my time there and the experience really helped me out in regards to my future involvement in the workplace. My job taught me skills such as avoiding conflict, intuition, initiative and multiple other skills that I could only learn in a workplace.

Shero experience

Over the past 2 years, I have been blessed to be apart of the share the dignity team. All the sheros (the name for the volunteers) are a group of incredible women who help out the less fortunate by donating, doing drives, charity events and donating their time to help fundraise for these people. I am the youngest shero in the history of this charity at age 12. I have helped organise a charity event every year to help raise funds that go towards the charity.