• The Christmas Market
    In term 4, we worked on a project in groups for economics where we made products to sell at the Christmas Market. We received an investment of $30 to start off our business for buying materials to create the products. After selling the products at the market we would pay it back, along with the […]
  • Project Utopia – Reflection
    This year we have been working on Project Utopia. In this project, we created our version of a utopia. This is a perfect society, however, the Greek origin of this word actually means ‘no place’, as it is almost impossible to make a perfect society. In this project, we used the information we have learnt about in many subject areas to make a perfect society. This included livability, sustainability, and the United Nations Global Goals.
  • Solar System
    Animation of the solar system.
  • Animation
    I animated a moon orbiting a planet using the website pixilart.com.
  • Playing at St Louis Estate
    On Wednesday the 5th of August, 2020, I went to St Louis Estate, an senior retirement village to perform for the seniors. I played on a violin which was owned by a friend of ours who lives there. We had brought the violin to be repaired for her. It was originally her father’s, making it […]