April 4


Roshini Yasir

All you need to know

  • Health Education Assessment Binge Drinking Expo
    Health Education Assessment Binge Drinking is a task we were instructed to do for Health Class, to study binge drinking and alcohol and represent what we have learned in an expo. We presented our expos in groups of 3 or 4 and these expos were designed to be entertaining to present to the class what […]
  • Innovated $20 BOSS (Stress Less)
    The next step was to decide who would be CEO and be able to choose their company and be able to run it. Eventually, we all got our groups and decided we wanted to work productively and be able to make our stress 4 less packages with lots of planning and working, so we decided […]
  • Letter to MP
    <<Steve Irons>> <<South Perth>> <<G3, 59 Albany Highway, Victoria Park WA 6100>> <<PO Box 1060 East Victoria Park WA 6981>> <<South Perth>>WA<<6151>> Dear Mr Irons, I am writing to you to ask for your help in promoting awareness for the safety of women. I am a student at All Saints’ College in year 8 and […]
  • Role Models and I
    ROLE MODELS AND I House Of Values Kindness- This is an important value to me as it represents respect for you and others, but also makes people feel good and worth something. When people are having a bad day, the simple act of being kind can change a persons’ whole mood. This can make someone […]
  • Getting started!
    Welcome to your brand new portfolio at All Saints’ College. This is a post.  To get started, simply edit or delete this post and check out all the other options available to you. You can create ‘rows’ like this and have multiple columns. This row has two columns, one with an image and is full width. […]