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$20 Boss - Lesson One - Getting Started - Years 7 to 10 - Cool Australia
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In Innovated this term (term 3) we did a project called $20 Boss where we were trying to think of innovative and original ideas to sell at the propeller.

My Groups Idea was to sell Custom Art/music to our customers to increase their joy into their day when they see something that they like that we made for them, for example, you ask for a jazz song with lyrics we will make it for you within 2 weeks.

up to this point we have been making prototypes, checked our funding and money usage and making a pitch to try and get our money for our business, but we have come to what looks like a conclusion as we have not been able to pitch this term as i am busy most mornings and Ms. Strenz has not been able to hear us in innovated classes.

My Team has described my best attribute as ideate because I came up with the idea and fixed a lot of the problems along the way.

Overall I think $20 Boss was fun but I would not really like to continue it next term as I would like change other than that it was fun and interesting.

By Callum Cleave.

The Christmas Market

I thought the Christmas market was good because it taught the life experiences you needed to get yourself into a big full-time job. our team name was the Koalments

the Koalaments sold wood candle holders and Christmas log ornaments we were also lucky enough to sell all of our products so that we could raise even more money to the salvation army.

we changed our prices to lower prices during the Christmas market when we found out we had a competitor who was also selling candles and at the end to draw more customers in we had a massive clearance sale.

our total amount of money we made was $107.70 but in profit minus the 20 dollar float and 30 dollar investment we made a total profit of $57.70.

I am hoping that there will be great innovative minds in the year sevens next year cause I see this being a school tradition for years to come

By Callum Cleave



I really liked the health tasks we dd in team 4 which was online safety.

one of the key things I really liked was Empathy

empathy was a favorite to me cause it taught us that we should be understanding with someone if they are going through a tough time and they have been a little harsh on your feelings lately and that you should try and help them out and try and build their confidence up.

another part that was really useful is that when chatting on social media (messages, snap chat, twitter, facebook, Instagram and more) you cannot show the tone you are speaking in e.g. “I like your hair” could be phrased as kind or could be phrased as sarcasm which really meant “what is that ugly thing on your head” or can be phrased in other ways, it just basically depends what the person you sent it to thinks.


If Mr. J was to do this with the year 7’s next year I would say a definite yes cause I know it taught me a lot before I take the leap of faith down the path of the bright and the dark social media and how to use it responsibly and wisely so that I don’t cause others or myself harm. But I would ask him to change one thing (Make them do more interactive tasks e.g. like talking about feeling, doing an act of how a text can go seriously wrong and more so they know how they may handle it in the future)


Thanks for a lovely year Mr. J I really appreciated it

Callum Cleave


In Innovated term3 2019 I and my group members had learned that global temperatures keep rising we may not have a future so friendly on the land instead we may be scavengers on boats or floating masses of scraped metal and may have to kill or harm others to survive this is not a way I want our generations before us to ask why this all happened and what may happen next cause nobody really knows what would happen next cause if all the trees are submerged then they would die and we would lose oxygen around the world.Image result for post apocalyptic underwaterImage result for apocalyptic underwater worldImage result for apocalyptic underwater worldImage result for apocalyptic underwater world

My Life

I have recently completed my Roadhog Cosplay and am prepared for cosplay competition at Blizzcon convention 2019 Orlando and if I win the first prize I will be shown in the next overwatch Blizzcon cosplay trailer as roadhog.


Image result for roadhog mako rutledge mask this is the mask I have

and this is what I want to look like

Image result for roadhog cosplay maleImage result for junkrat cosplay male

InnovatEd 2019

I have learned in innovated that there is a serious problem with global warming

I have learned that the ice caps are melting from fossil fuels and we are trying to find a sustainable way to make the rubbish useful

so we are using silkie chickens

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