Year nine camp was a great camp but did show a lot of challenges to me and my group as everyone was put out of their comfort zone. There were lots of cases when people did not work at their jobs while others contributed a lot more. But overall made people show a lot of teamwork and leadership in the roles we had.

On the fourth day of camp when we went to hike down to four ways, on the way walking, one person couldn’t carry their bag anymore, so we decided to split the stuff that was in their bag, and put it in their group members bags, I decided to take a large portion of the stuff that was in the kids bag and put it into mine, as I was able to carry it, and thought I should help out my group.

A time when I have shown teamwork and leadership, is when we needed to pack up lunch to go swimming but everyone was just standing around. So I decided to give everyone in my group a job to help speed up the process. I selected some people to help pack up the food, some people to put the equipment away, and some people to walk around the area to look for food scraps on the ground. I helped, by putting myself in the group that helped pack up the food. This showed leadership by using my voice to start something, and showed teamwork by getting things done together as a team.

Another time our group used teamwork is when when played group games at camp Kalbarri. When we got to camp Kalbarri our thing we were going to do was to do team games. We played games that required each person input and effort. For example, a game we played was tarp volleyball it was a game where the group split into two and each got a tarp, and had to pass a volleyball from each side only using the tarp. This game used teamwork as the groups each had a job to to in their group and had to communicate with each other for the game to work. Another thing we did was make friendship bracelets we chose the colours as a group, and each had a partner to help make the bracelets, while we made the bracelets we had to find a fact about our partner. This used teamwork for working together as a group to choose our colour, and forced us to mingle with our partner.

Overall, camp showed teamwork and leadership in me and my group members. I absolutely loved being on camp, and would definitely do it again.