RAAFA Project

RAFFA’s Design Challenge Pitch

This term in innovatED we were working on a project with collaboration with RAFFA to help their residence receive their food without leaving the comfort of their own home. RAAFA organization cares for older/elderly people who may require more care at home, RAAFA provides a community where residence receive the best quality of life rather than just providing the basic care needs.

Our first step was to form into small groups and start critically thinking to build ideas that would help solve the issue. We then proceeded to do some research about the prices and availability of certain materials and products. Our goal was design an easy way to deliver meals to the elderly but still have the meal be presentable and taste the same ad when the food left the kitchen.

Our second step was to decide on an initial idea and then continue to research more about it, we research pricing, availability, and how our solution should be able to reflect RAAFA’s values and beliefs as an respected organisation. Throughout the term we changed and adapted our initial idea to best serve the service partner, RAAFA and their elderly residence. After thorough research and improvements on our initial solution we finally agreed on a final solution to RAAFA’s problem and recorded our pitch and presentation.