Teamwork at Year 9 Camp

Teamwork is possibly the most useful and important quality us as a human being should have, we need it to succeed. Year 9 camp helped me realized that although doing things alone can get me to a certain extent, I will never achieve anything with my full potentials. Only when working together with other people can I do more and use my skills and talents to the fullest.

But that’s not all, teamwork isn’t all about efficiency and effectiveness. Teamwork also allows us to connect with each other and have a closer relationship, and when cooperating in the future, this will undoubtedly be an advantage. Whether it’s to get to know more people or becoming closer friends with them, when we are thrown into a world with little knowledge to us, having people close to you is always a plus.

At year 9 camp, everyone stepped outside their comfort zone and cooperated with each other to make the experience as enjoyable as possible. We cooked together, splitting the jobs fairly amongst our cook groups. when we go for hikes, we warn each other of potentially wobbly rocks and slippery surfaces, when someone trip and falls, the group stops and checks to see if they’re alright. We gave a helping hand when someone was struggling to do something. We gave everybody some shared equipment, with people who have less items and can carry more to carry the heavier things while weaker people with more things carried lighter items. And most importantly, we made sure everyone felt included, no matter the method, and that no one felt left out.

As camp went on, we slowly got closer with each other and was more comfortable chatting, we learnt about each other and our strengths, weaknesses, likes, and dislikes. Year 9 camp, at least for me, was undoubtedly the best one yet. I truly learnt about teamwork, leadership, and all the other values I use to think as ‘not that important’. I felt that I bonded with all my group members. I improved in almost all the ways possible, from my physical boundaries to my mentality.

Summary of InnovatED

In week one, my team and I worked on the last of our pitch that we were planning to do. Including finishing the budget, putting some finishing touches onto our presentation and rounding things up. Then we had to video ourselves outlining our plan. We had to try d that many times without laughing and ruining the video. We talked about what our solution to the problem was, how much we would be spending and how the delivery of meal would work.