Experiential Learning


Learning about the brain.

Students studied different aspects of the brain.

Learning Activities

  • Labelling of brain diagrams
  • Creation of a brain using playdough, outlining the specific roles.
  • Procedural text about the brain
  • Brain dissection with a visiting expert teacher (Head of Campus and past Head of Science) Mr. Rob Huntington.
  • Students crumbed and cooked sheep’s brains before having a taste (with sweet chili sauce)

The results of this hands on inquiry unit garnered great interest from the students resulting in excellent academic results and feedback from the students.

“This was the most fun. My mum is pretty impressed I know what the Hippocampus does”

“The brains were yummy”

“It’s amazing how you can see all the different parts of the brain like the stem”

“Brains are so interesting – now I know why it’s easy to damage them.”


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