An ePortfolio is an evolving electronic/online resource that acts to record, store and archive the artefacts of learning and reflection for an individual learner.

– Gillian Hallan (University of Queensland)
  • Taking your site with you
    When you leave the College, here are the instructions you need so you can take your ePortfolio with you….
  • Types of Portfolios
    What type of ePortfolios will students create? Let’s break down the 4 most popular types…
  • ePortfolio Terms and Vocabulary
    Digital portfolios? ePortfolios? Blogfolios? Let’s break down the key terminology and find out what it…
  • Why ePortfolios?
    For students, digital portfolios foster independence while fueling reflection, creativity, and authentic lifelong learning….
  • Home page setting
    Do you want your home page to show a list of your posts or a static page? The choice is yours!…
  • Getting started with the new Flex theme
    Flex is a new theme that gives you many more options for building a page…
  • 150 Prompts for writing posts
    If you are searching for inspiration for posts here are 150 ideas to get you started, listed in 8 categories:…
  • 10 Types of Posts
    Blogging isn’t like traditional writing — it’s a unique genre and it’s worth exploring what’s possible. Here are 10 types of blog posts you commonly see on the web. This might give you inspiration to mix things up!…
  • What is an ePortfolio?
    A simple explanation of what an ePortfolio is:…
  • Getting Started!
    Welcome to the brand new Portfolio site for All Saints’ College….
  • Menus
    A menu is a great way to help people navigate your site. Menus items can…
  • Adding videos to posts
    A picture, worth a thousand words. Which means video is, what, priceless?…
  • Adding a featured image to a post
    The theme you choose for your portfolio displays your posts in different ways – but many of them will look a LOT better if you have a featured image to display….
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