Progress update number 2:

As part of our year 10 HASS assessment, we are tasked with creating a project of our choice and to present it in the final exhibition, on the 11th of November. The topic we have chosen is Civics and Citizenship, specifically looking at a particular Cold Case.

After creating our last eportfolio post, we received feedback from our peers. Most were confused as to which case we had chosen to do, and what our inquiry question was. The inquiry question we chose is “why do cold cases remain unsolved?”. We decided to investigate the murders of the Dupont de Ligonnè family, and the disappearance of the father Xavier Dupont de Ligonnès. Xavier is suspected of killing his family and remains one of the most wanted men in the world. The murders occurred in 2011, and have yet to be brought to justice, making this a cold case.

These past two weeks Aleesha and I have worked on the capabilities of organisation and creativity. After providing feedback on our classmates eportfolio updates, we then began using our creativity to plan what we will create for our project. We decided to make a police report/summary on the case, presented in a folder, we will also include a timeline inside showcasing the series of events that occurred. We want to create a pin up board, with a map of France, putting red pins/string in places Xavier was last sighted, if there is time, we want to create a short video compilation of the footage captured of Xavier while on the run. As seen below I have completed a draft of what the table set up might look like on the day. We have been working on organisation as well, as this week we have been compiling information which will be included in the report, organising it into different sections. We hope to try and finish most of the report by the end of this week, to stay on track with the timeline we have created.