School Activities


I have played in a contemporary band since year 6 at ASC. I play percussion in year 5 and 6, and in year 6 I also started playing drums. I love the community and music that band brings.


I have played basketball for ASC since I came to the school in year 4. My team is supportive and fun to hang out with. Working with them every weekend has strengthened by ability to be part of a team.

Drama Club

I joined All Saints’ drama club at the beginning of this year. I had so much fun that I joined another drama club outside of school. This has allowed me to connect with people across year levels and outside of the ASC community. It has also helped me become more outgoing & sociable.

Christmas Market Reflection

My group made plants. Our plants were sustainable we collected plastic bottles from around the school. During this process, we learnt about different ways plastic bottles can be used and how to grow plants. The school gave us $30 to spend on the metals me need we had to get:

  • Plants $2.95
  • Potting mix $3.88
  • Ribbon $2
  • Mirror Shards $6.98
  • Bottles Free
  • Tags $4
  • Sand $Free
  • Succulents $Free

We had money to use if some stuff was over the price we planned for. We sold a lot of succulents because they were the cheapest one we had and they are easy to look after. Our second most sold were the double plants – they look the best and were cheap for what it was. We made a profit of 70$ which is now going to the Salvation Army.