• Welcome to Our Learning Portfolio!
    The Learning Portfolio is where you will tell your All Saints’ story. The focus of the Learning Portfolio is on reflection, on looking across your subjects and semesters and the various tasks and assignments throughout your school life….
  • Read Before You Start!
    By uploading files to a learning portfolio site to share with others, students are declaring that the content is original and that they have permission to reproduce copyright material, such as authentic texts or images. Plagiarism is the unacknowledged…
  • Finding Your Way Around the Learning Portfolio
    Get to know the layout of the learning portfolio. Theme You may personalize theme by changing the site title, the tagline and the background color. You may also add a background image to the page and an image logo to…
  • The Importance of Categories and Tags
    Tags and categories are means of linking, aggregating and presenting related content in your portfolio. You can create new ones at any time. Whenever you upload an artifact, be sure to add relevant categories and tags that link…

Video introduction on using your portfolio